Welcome To "Ray's Poetry & Book Reviews"

Poetry is my hobby, and also to write and read, Too sensible I am and too much I feel, And thus by “writing poems” is how I heal.

Ray Chahal

This is Ray Chahal, the owner and manager of this website. I am a medical student who also happens to be an avid reader, and a passionate writer. But most frequently, it's not the novels that hold my attention but poetry, and its mostly the poems that catch my eyes when I want to write something, but very rarely the articles.


Friends that contribute and partake in my work so hard, are the ones I call my brothers and are included in this blog, and no need to say why, they are also very deeply embedded in my heart.

Emjay Gill; my best brother in town; my partner when time is good, and my savior in times unsound.

Gursimran Gill (Guri) ; the one who understands my mentality, and my sense of directions.

Ravjot Sidhu; my little brother. But all the things that now he knows, makes me wonder if he is still little anymore.

Navpreet Chahal; a victim of life, or the life is his victim? Well, hard to guess. But he is here, and he is my dear. No matter is the difference in age between us, for he is my compeer.